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therapyIt is a group of ancient Indian traditional healing system, known as way of natural living. It is signifies the treatment of disease with natures resources - such as fresh air (breath), pure water, sunlight, proper exercises, timely sleep (relaxation) and natural diet. Our people is getting weaker day by day. Diseases are increasing in number and are becoming more sever in type. New Diseases appearer and swell the number of those which defy diagnosis and treatment . The average length of life is shrinking. The rate of sickness shows no appreciable improvement. The boasted science of healing is almost daily enriched by research and discovery of new remedies, but the art of effecting cures is not able to keep pace with it. This is mainly because the medical profession is adopting measures which tend to suppress disease by means of poisonous drugs instead of intelligently using natures bounties which not only curable but can also prevent disease permanently. Fresh air, Pure Water, Sun Light natures gifts. Which are invaluable aid to perfect health.

The poor and illiterate especially in villages are shutting their doors and windows against these gifts of nature through sheer ignorance though there is no breath of those beneficial bounties where they live. The towns men in their race for wealth neglect their health and dont take sufficient advantage of these bounties. Drugs and injunctions cure one disease but be get another more serious than the original one.

Some centuries ago the average duration of human life was a hundred years but now days we find the majority enter and early grave. All know that death is inevitable but only a few believe that good health is natural and legitimate heritage of man. Nature is a hard task master.Those who transgress Her laws cannot escape punishments in the form of disease and illness. Good health is the result and reward of implicit obedience to Her laws.

We have some solution for this laws, that is relaxation is most important role in the body as physically and mentally. Relaxation is a healing system, while our busy life nobody cannot do relax and physical exercises, as well as they cannot do even a breath. So while these disorder life style we are going to introduce some amazing ancient Indian traditional healing therapies. It is such a wide ranging healing properties.

We welcomes you come and discover the secret of Way Of Natural Living. Feeling like you want come to relax with us take a look with your Health Guider.


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